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When you see an ad on a forum, do you immediately say 'stupid' or 'I do not like Harry'?

Originally, this was a forum about Cviji, but since there were no interested members, the forum turned into a Harry Potter school of magic. However, even this did not work, so we eventually turned into a real Harry Potter forum - with discussions, news and everything that goes with Harry Potter - without boring school of magic you used to see Harry Potter at all forums.
Much work has gone to be like that as we have now.

Although the Harry Potter saga ended, will forever remain in our hearts as a mark of our childhood. So if you have nowhere to express their opinion on Harry Potter movies and books - this is the right place. The forum members are waiting for you who are true fans of Harry Potter saga, with them you will never be bored. You will find interesting facts, news, extensive photo gallery ...
As we said already, this is not a classic Harry Potter forum - it does not matter whether you post 5 or 50 posts, it is important to society that you acquire. Our mission is to become a leading forum Harry Potter in the country and collect all the fans in one group.

If you register, you can expect many surprises. In this forum we meet, hang out - we become family. All you need is to press 'register'.


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