Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

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1 Zonkova prodavnica šala on Tue Aug 30, 2011 10:52 pm

Malfoy Katherine


Regular Playing Cards/b]
Cost: 2 Sickles

Self Shuffling Playing Cards
Cost: 4 Sickles

Wet Start No Heat Filibuster Fireworks
Cost: 5 Sickles

Stink Pellets (18 Pellets per box)
Cost: 5 Sickles

Fake Spell Book and Wand Set
Cost: 15 Sickles

Cost: 14 Sickles

Grow Your Own Warts Kit
Cost: 3 Sickles

Martin Miggs the Mad Muggle Comic Books
Cost: 5 Sickles per Book

Wizard Chess Sets

Cost: Gold= 10 Galleons,
Glass= 2 Galleons,
Crystal =1 Galleon,
Stone =12 Sickles,
Plastic= 10 Sickles

Non-Explodable Luminous Balloons
Cost: 15 Knuts

Nose-Bitting Teacup
Cost: 2 Sickles

Hiccup Sweets
Cost: 14 Knuts

Dung Bombs
Cost: 9 Knuts

Frog Spaw Soap
Cost: 28 Knuts

Golden Gobstone Set
Cost: 10 Galleons

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