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1 Rules and informations on Sat Aug 06, 2011 10:03 pm


Welcome to MW Quiz!

MW quizzes are a new form of entertainment now. Quizzes will be held every Sunday

How to participate?

Participation is open to all members. You have to time apply to the subject of the application.

What will the issues be?

Questions will be from the HP saga. We bend over backwards to give you the output as part of the forum very interesting..

How long will the questions be?

Will depend on the amount of registered members. Five to 10 questions maximum

Who is the winner ?

The winner is whoever has the most correct answers. If two members have the same number of correct answers is set,, trick question.

If you have any questions regarding MW quizzes, ask them


1. A member who was more than three times the disqualified can not compete next month.
2nd Each participant receives 50 coins quiz to participate.
3rd Winner receives a prize of 200 coins.
4th Runner-up gets 150 and third place winners of 100 pieces.
5th Everyone has the right to propose ideas for a quiz and it will be rewarded with 80 coins (if the proposal is njihopv theme quiz).

I am left with nothing more than to wish you good luck, the fastest and smartest wins!



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